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Without the child increase, the us will be a distinct position. The Vietnam battle might have lasted longer. Rock and roll will be much less pervasive. The civil rights circulate may have replaced legislation and attitudes extra slowly. yet ladies could be extra forward in task prestige and pay if there were no child boorr.. Hous­ ing will be more affordable. The financial system may have performed higher within the Nineteen Seventies, and other people now of their 20s, 30s, and 40s will be making more cash. For the earlier 30 years, the newborn growth new release­ all these born among 1946 and 1964-shook American economics, politics, and tradition. however the complete effect of seven eight PREFACE the infant increase is but to come back as the iteration is simply now gaining the industrial and political strength to de­ termine occasions. although the newborn growth is a various iteration associated merely through its date of delivery, that hyperlink is necessary. The gener­ ation spans 19 years, this means that many boomers ex­ perience a similar issues on the similar time-going to col­ lege, getting a role, marrying, divorcing, procuring a home, beginning a kin. due to this, the newborn growth in­ fluences what America's companies produce, what the media write approximately, and what the politicans aid. It focuses the nation's awareness on itself; its matters be­ come the nation's matters. no matter what age the newborn increase is turns into the nation's age.

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Sixty-nine percent of couples buying their first home in 1985 needed two incomes to afford the mortgage. 5 Marriage has made a difference in the economic wellbeing of blacks for decades because black women have been more likely than white women to work. But blacks are much less likely than whites to be married, and this lowers their income statistics. The median income of black families is only 56% of the median income of white families because a large proportion of black families are headed by women, the poorest family type.

And it has created a split in the attitudes of older and younger baby boomers-the younger ones being much more serious about money, and much less serious about everything else. In the fall of 1967, the baby boomers born in 1949 went to college. These freshmen were the first to be surveyed by the American Council on Education, which now surveys college freshmen every year. Comparing the results from 1967-when some of the oldest baby boomers were in college-with the results from 1982when the youngest baby boomers were college freshmen-reveals the striking differences between the older and younger halves of the generation.

Among 30- to 44-year-olds, 58% regard their work as a career. 27 That's what all the job hopping is about-finding a better salary, a better job title, and ultimately finding work that offers more than a paycheck. 66 CHAPTER 3 WHAT BABY BOOMERS WILL EARN In the 1980s, the baby boomers discovered that money matters. It determines their lifestyle and defines their friendships. High-school friends, for example, may no longer have much in common because one person has money and the other doesn't. One person travels to the Caribbean every February; the other can't pay the electric bill.

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