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By Guy P. Harrison

Written in a deferential and conversational type, this exact ebook is designed to advertise positive discussion and foster mutual realizing among Christians and non-Christians. the writer, a skeptic and journalist, asks simple questions about Christian trust.

What is the born-again event? Why might God are looking to sacrifice his simply son for the realm? Do miracles relatively take place? How trustworthy is the Bible? what's the rapture? Why isn't everybody a Christian? each one query is through observation and research that's skeptical and hard yet by no means argumentative or condescending.

Christians will locate the booklet necessary as a foundation for constructing their apologetics, whereas skeptics will welcome Harrison's probing rational research of non secular claims.  

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Lori prayed all the time, begging God to help her family, but she secretly wondered if it did any good. Was God there? Why wasn’t he bringing her dad back? And what about her friends? Both Leah and Cheyenne avoided her now. Neither girl would even look her in the eye. Didn’t they care about her pain? Mom said they were uncomfortable and embarrassed, and they didn’t know what to say or how to help. But that didn’t make Lori feel any better. She needed her friends, even if she couldn’t talk about the situation.

Each girl would pray about anything on her mind. Laney rolled her eyes at Mya. She wished she could get up and leave. When it was her turn, Laney sat in silence. She honestly couldn’t think of anything to say. Gabby smiled. “It’s okay. Many girls are shy about praying in a group. ” Laney hunched her shoulders. Gabby touched Laney’s hand. ” Laney shrugged. “I don’t really pray at home. ” “Oh. Well, maybe we can talk about that later,” Gabby said. ” After the girls were zipped into their sleeping bags, Gabby came to Laney’s bunk.

Emily’s face grew hot. Chloe often wanted to do things that made Emily uncomfortable. Still, for some reason, obeying the rules did make Emily feel like a baby sometimes. Chloe trudged toward the bus stop. “I don’t know why I even hang out with you. ” “Thanks a lot,” Emily mumbled, shoulders slumped. Now she was a baby nobody wanted! Then Emily remembered something her Sunday school teacher had said — about how precious Emily was to God and how much he loved her. In fact, Jesus was her best friend, and he always wanted her around.

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