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Or to what end should he speculate on the nature and attributes of the deity, which can be of no concern to him when removed from this world and mouldering All that a man in the silent oblivion of the grave could be expected to do in ? such a case would be, to adopt such a line of conduct as would be most likely to secure him as happy an ex- ON THE BELIEF IN A FUTURE STATE. istence, during this life, as the situation in 43 which he was placed could procure him, without troubling his head with any metaphysical researches concerning the deity, or with moral duties, except in so far as they would conduce to his well-being in this world.

Dread no cumvent him 37 rivals to envy no competitors to cirno adversaries whose spoils could enrich we cannot, therefore, imagine that such a bewere he ing can be otherwise than benevolent : : otherwise, he must be the most malignant of beings and in that case he would have created a world to; tally different When we from the present. behold the beauties of the universe teeming through when we its immense expanse with animal how admirably the various parts of creation are adapted to the comforts of the innumerable beings that swarm over its surface life consider when we contemplate the apparent happy state of the brute creation in general and when we reflect on the various which man enjoys in this world, the pleasure which attends the gratification of his animal appetites, the enjoyment resulting from blessings his social attachments and domestic ties, and the happiness arising from the exercise of his intellectual faculties, it is impossible not to recognize in all these the gracious effects of a beneficent cause.

There is an old story of a seaman, who, being asked what he would do with his money if he should make a very rich prize, replied he would buy a great deal of brandy. Well, but after that ? Then, says would buy a great deal of tobacco. And after you had bought a sufficient quantity of brandy and he, I ON THE BELIEF IN A FUTURE STATE. 49 tobacco, what would you do with the rest of your money ? bacco. Then I would buy more brandy and toThe man who smiles with conscious supe- of this riority at the simple ideas poor sailor, governs Is his own conduct exactly on the same principle.

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