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15 Time (secs) As the FE model contains the full spatial distribution of mode shapes, it is possible to perform the response calculation for every node on the floor model. 21. This shows that the maximum response does not occur in the middle of the floor (which is on a grid line) as assumed above, but rather in the centre of the adjacent bays. 083mm/sec respectively. It can be seen that calculation based on the rectangular plate modal properties is slightly conservative relative to this more detailed assessment.

G. constant slab thickness, identical ribs or beams at the same centres). It is further assumed that the response of the floor is characterised by the vibration at the middle of the floor due to walking near there. This method differs from those already presented in that it is based on the modal properties of a single mode and response multipliers to account for the response of higher modes and the participation of adjacent bays. These multipliers are presented in simple design charts as a function of: n The aspect ratio W/L of the floor plate.

The measured frequency of the first mode is slightly higher than that predicted by the FE analysis. When tested, the structure was fully fitted out with full-height partitions, which are known to add stiffness to floors. These were not included in the FE analysis and could account for the measured frequency being slightly higher than that predicted by calculation. 5% of critical and to facilitate comparison with measured footfall responses this value is adopted for the footfall response calculations below.

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