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By William H. TeBrake

Starting as a chain of scattered rural riots in overdue 1323, peasant revolt escalated right into a full-scale uprising that ruled public affairs in Flanders for almost 5 years. Following their very own leaders, peasants defied the authority of the count number of Flanders through using his officers and their aristocratic allies from the geographical region. In a scourge of insurrection, William H. TeBrake has written the 1st full-length account of the uprising.

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6 Even within the Dutch-speaking world the Flemish revolt has never attracted the kind of attention it deserves. 7 An examination of some of the reasons for such neglect will help to define the present study. The Flemish peasant revolt remains largely unknown today partly because ordinary people simply have never figured very prominently in the historical literature of the late Middle Ages. This is particularly the case with the most elusive of ordinary people, the majority that continued to live in the countryside, namely peasants.

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