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By Bruce Menzies, N.E. Simons

Even though there are actually a great number of machine programmes for fixing all types of origin layout difficulties, the necessity to fee those outputs by means of 'hand-calculation' has develop into very important. This e-book concentrates on getting the basics correct after which utilizing them in sensible applications.The ebook is illustrated with various labored examples and with quick-reference tables and charts.

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As well as not requiring a compressed air supply, the microprocessor-controlled screw pump has the added advantage that it provides a measurement of volume change by counting the steps to the stepping motor. In addition, the device has a computer interface. When the loading frame has a computer interface as well, computer automation of the triaxial test is enabled as shown in Fig. 8(c). See also Menzies et al. (1977), Menzies (1988) and Menzies and Hooker (1992). The great advantage of the triaxial cell over the shear box is the control of drainage through the base pore-water ducts.

However, if these considerations do not arise, then p ˆ 0 may be obtained during drainage by connecting the pore-pressure duct to 32 CHAPTER 2 SHEAR STRENGTH Axial load Ram in rotating bushing Top cap Water-filled cell Top platen Rubber O-ring Soil specimen enclosed in rubber membrane Clear acrylic tube Saturated porous disc Base pedestal Cell pressure Saturated pore-water ducts Back pressure Valve open during drainage To pore pressure transducer (a) Captive ball nut Remote transducer Digital control circuit Pressure cylinder Stepper motor and gearbox Piston Pressure outlet ± steps Linear bearing Deaired water Pressure transducer Analogue feedback (b) Fig.

It is therefore possible to 34 τ CHAPTER 2 SHEAR STRENGTH τf φ′ +( = c′ σ–u ) tan φ′ Drained (backpressure zero) c′ σ–u τ uf Consolidatedundrained Unconfined compression Drained ½ (σ1–σ3)f = su Unconfined compression σ Fig. 9 Correlation between axial compression tests measure the total specimen volume change by measuring the water imbibed or expelled in the drained case, or, in the undrained case, it is possible to measure the pore pressure. Another advantage of the triaxial test is that the applied stresses are principal stresses.

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