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By C. G. Duan, V. Ia Karelin

This ebook provides a scientific exposition of abrasive erosion and corrosion of hydraulic equipment in either idea and engineering perform, and is the 1st complete quantity to hide this sector intensive.

All the $64000 matters are mentioned together with basics, calculation, research and numerical simulation of liquid–solid move layout, erosion-resistant fabrics, interplay among cavitation and abrasive erosion, and corrosion of hydraulic equipment.

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0 1 - 0 . 0 5 - 0 . 1 0 - 0 . 9 Influence of factors, which determine the mass of a single particle, on the abrasive erosion intensity can be qualitatively evaluated. These factors include volume of a particle, q, and sediment density, p T . 16) where dh is diameter of a particle in the sediment. e with the specified sediment matter densities, and all other things being equal, the intensity of hydraulic abrasion is proportional to the 3rd power of the diameter of solid particles. 17) is in poor agreement with the data obtained in number of experiments.

The erosion pattern in the blades of the guide case was scaly and characterized by different intensity levels. The palaces nearby trailing edges of blades, ad well as those located at the journal parts of lower necks, had the greatest erosion. The inner face in the lower rim of the turbine impeller was subjected to an enormously pronounced erosion-out. In the external surface of the lower rim, in addition to the mechanical erosion traces, there were remarkable signs of cavitational erosion. The streamlined surface in the runner upper rim has fine-scaly erosion in its top potion and large-sized scaly erosion in the lower part of the rim.

The rear side is affected by cavitation action with the maximum distracted zone being located in the regions of the trailing edge and the lower rim. The combined action of the abrasive erosion and cavitation results in failure (disappearance) of entire areas amounting to 50 mm presently, with the build-up provided at the sides of runners fabricated from a cavitationalresistant alloy and the thickness of trailing edges reaching 2 to 8 mm, the entire disappearance of certain blade area does not arise, yet the thickness of trailing edges diminishes up 2 ~ 3 mm.

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