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By M.F. Semmelhack

Quantity four specializes in additions and the ensuing substitutions at carbon-carbon &pgr;-bonds. half 1 comprises strategies commonly regarded as uncomplicated polar reactions, reactive electrophiles and nucleophiles including to alkenes and alkynes. an enormous subject is Michael-type addition to electron poor &pgr;-bonds, featured within the first six chapters. partly 2 are accrued the 4 normal procedures resulting in nucleophilic fragrant substitution, together with radical chain strategies and transition steel activation via to &pgr;-complexation. Metal-activated addition (generally by way of nucleophiles) to alkenes and polyenes is gifted partly three, together with allylic alkylation catalyzed via palladium. The insurance of nonpolar additions partially four contains radical additions, organometal addition (Heck reaction), carbene addition, and 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions.

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Lynch E and Beighton D (1994) A comparison of primary root caries lesions classified according to colour. Caries Res 28, 233-239. Minhas T and Greenman J (1989) Production of cell-bound and vesicle-associated trypsin-like protease, alkaline phosphatase and N-acetyl--glucosaminidase by Bacteroides gingivalis strain W50. J Gen Microbiol 135, 557-564. Monnier VM, Kohn RR and Cerami A (1984) Accelerated age-related browning of human collagen in diabetes mellitus. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 81, 583-587.

After oxidation, hydroxyproline reacts with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde to give a red colour, which is measured by spectrophotometry. 0 × the hydroxyproline value as calculated from previous data (Volpin and Veis, 1973). To calculate the molar quantities of collagen, a molecular mass of 300 kDa was used. HPLC. 6 mm Merck (Darmstadt, Germany) Polyspher AA NA column (strong cation exchange), a pump for reagent delivery, a mixing tee with reaction coil, and a fluorescence detector (Waters, Milford MA, USA).

Enamel-dentin specimens were prepared by drilling a hollow cylinder through the crowns of the incisors. 50 mm) were made as transversal sections with a watercooled diamond wire sawing machine (Well, model 3142; W. Ebner, 44 Kleter / 2B 02-12-2003 16:08 Pagina 45 The Maillard reaction in demineralized dentin in vitro Mannheim, Germany). The slices were kept refrigerated in 5 mM sodium azide. 4, at 4°C, while the release of calcium was measured by atomic absorption spectrometry. 2 nmol. Experimental.

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