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What are the disadvantages of this method? 40 3. Pseudo Random Number Generator (Translate) INTRODUCTION This program will use a pseudo random number generator, display patterns from tables, measure elapsed time, and generate delays. It will check your knowledge of basic input/ output techniques before we proceed to more complex concepts. THE RULES This is a game designed for two competing players. Each player tries to quickly decipher the computer's coded numbers. The players are alternately given a turn to guess.

5: Frequencies for the Middle C Octave On the last iteration of the loop (when the loop index is decremented to zero), the branch instruction at the end will fail. This branch instruction will execute faster, so that one microsecond (assuming a 1 MHz clock) must be subtracted from the total delay duration. The tone generation routine is shown below: TONE FL2 FLl STA LDA STA LDA LDX LDY DEY CLC BCC BNE EOR STA DEX BNE RTS FREQ #$FF DDRB #$00 DUR F~:QJ FLl #$FF OPB INNER LOOP OUTER LOOP FL2 Note the "classic" nested loop design.

LED #11 must always be off. LEDs 12, 13, 14, and 15 are used to display the binary number. Remember also that bit position 6 of Port 1B is not used. As a result, displaying a "O" will be accomplished by outputting the pattern 43 ADVANCED 6502 PROGRAMMING START LIGHT LEDs TO SHOW PLAYER 2 WINS ROUND SHOW THAT IT IS PLAYER 2's TURN END Fig. " Outputting "3" will be accomplished with the pattern "10100010," etc. 5) The complete patterns corresponding to all sixteen possibilities are stored in the NUMTAB table of the program.

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