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By P. B. Medawar

To these drawn to a existence in technology, Sir Peter Medawar, Nobel laureate, deflates the myths of invincibility, superiority and genius; as an alternative, he demonstrates it's common feel and an inquiring brain which are necessary to the scientist's calling.

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Having investigated the exact spin correlations in the original Kitaev model, Chap. 5 investigates those in an extended Kitaev model. The addition of a time reversal symmetry breaking three spin interaction leaves the exact solubility and the mapping of the spin correlations to a quantum quench intact, but leads to a new QSL phase with non-Abelian quasiparticles. I discuss the special role of flux excitations in this phase which locally bind Majorana fermions. I show that peculiar signatures of these bound states are manifest in the spin structure factor.

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