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In die Sonne schauen: Wie man die Angst vor dem Tod überwindet

Gibt es ein Leben vor dem Tod? Über die Dinge im Leben, die wirklich wichtig sind . .. Die größte Herausforderung für den Menschen ist es, seiner eigenen Sterblichkeit ins Auge zu blicken. Die Angst vor dem Tod unterscheidet den Menschen vom Tier: Jede faith, jede Kulturleistung ist ein Versuch, sich das Undenkbare begreiflich zu machen.

Development and Causality: Neo-Piagetian Perspectives

Improvement and CausalityNeo-Piagetian PerspectivesGerald YoungOver the years, Jean Piaget’s progressive examine of toddler and baby improvement has encouraged a lot dialogue and debate, evolving during the paintings of his fans and critics. improvement and Causality maintains during this tradition,bringing new intensity to the theoretical base, integrating Piagetian and Freudian/Eriksonian types in addition to featuring far-reaching unique conception.

Problems of the Psychology of Memory

Opposite to well known opinion, modern psychology within the USSR is way from being monolithic. it really is real that the advance of Soviet psychology does have attribute beneficial properties which distinguish it from the improvement of Western (and relatively Anglo-American) psychology. maybe the main distinguishing good points of Soviet psychology are represented via the pre­ dominance of the historical-evolutionary procedure and the emphasis on integrative physiological mechanisms underlying habit.

Parenting and Children's Resilience in Military Families

This reference examines the wide-ranging influence of army lifestyles on households, parenting, and baby improvement. It examines the advanced family members wishes of this varied inhabitants, in particular as established matters corresponding to trauma, family violence, and baby abuse show up another way than in civilian lifestyles.

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G. , 1974; Snow & Hoefnagel-Höhle, 1978a,b). Clearly these studies need to be closely examined in a theoretical light to determine what differences in the subjects, settings, or experiments can be hypothesized to account for the apparently contradictory results. A major purpose of this book is to carry out such an examination of empirical studies in the light of the various theoretical perspectives that have been brought to bear on the age issue. The analysis of the literature in Part I leads to a number of conclusions Page xii concerning the need for further research on specific aspects of L2 acquisition by older and younger learners.

He conceptualizes language proficiency along two continua, one of which relates to the range of contextual support available for expressing or receiving meaning, and the other to the degree of active cognitive involvement in a task or activity. The extremes of the first continuum are described as context-embedded and context-reduced communication. They are differentiated as follows (Cummins, 1983a: 120): "... g. " The extremes of the second continuum are referred to as cognitively undemanding and cognitively demanding.

Also referring specifically to French immersion programs, Swain notes that in an early (total) immersion program at the elementary level, there is more time and opportunity for spontaneous use of the L2 than in a late immersion program. In a majority English L1 setting, where there is little occasion for use of the L2 outside the classroom, she argues that this characteristic of early immersion should lead to superior (long-run) interpersonal communicative skills relative to late immersion.

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