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By Gordon McGranahan, Frank Murray

(Earthscan) Murdoch Univ., Australia. textual content experiences contemporary advancements within the box and their relevance for public healthiness in constructing nations. provides experiences from Asian, African, and Latin American nations; and contrasts findings with these from Europe and North the USA. Softcover.

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Local policy measures are usually inter-related, and it is their combined effect that is important. Vehicular pollution, for example, depends upon land use planning, transport planning, infrastructure investment, traffic management, fuel quality controls and prices, vehicle technology standards and maintenance, and a range of other factors influenced by government policy. Choosing the right combination of measures, and ensuring that they are implemented, is critical. Piecemeal policies can easily work at cross-purposes, incurring high costs to little effect.

Indoor pollution may also require special measures, but strict regulation is likely to be either ineffective or inequitable, and measures targeted to local circumstances may be needed. There is enormous variation in the severity and types of air pollution problems experienced in different locations, and their physical, economic, social and political settings. There is no recipe for air pollution management. However, much can learned from the science of air pollution, the various assessment and management tools that have been developed, and the many air pollution initiatives that have been implemented.

National governments need to provide support for local initiatives, as well as an appropriate regulatory and AIR POLLUTION AND HEALTH IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES – THE CONTEXT 19 policy framework. In addition, regional and international cooperation can also make important contributions. Sharing of experiences and information is an important first step. But in a number of areas, regional cooperation could go beyond this. In research, for example, the problems of indoor air pollution clearly deserve more attention, and in-depth studies – too costly to carry out in every country – could be carried out in a selection of locations.

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