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By David W. Cohen

Traditionally, nonclassical physics built in 3 levels. First got here a suite of advert hoc assumptions after which a cookbook of equations referred to as "quantum mechanics". The equations and their philosophical underpinnings have been then amassed right into a version according to the maths of Hilbert area. From the Hilbert area version got here the abstaction of "quantum logics". This e-book explores all 3 phases, yet now not in historic order. as a substitute, for you to illustrate how physics and summary arithmetic effect one another we hop backward and forward among a only mathematical improvement of Hilbert area, and a bodily encouraged definition of a good judgment, partly linking the 2 all through, after which bringing them jointly on the private point within the final chapters. This booklet may be obtainable to undergraduate and starting graduate scholars in either arithmetic and physics. the one strict necessities are calculus and linear algebra, however the point of mathematical sophistication assumes not less than one or intermediate classes, for instance in mathematical research or complicated calculus. No heritage in physics is thought.

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6 the Seiberg Witten functional 11 can be rewritten as S A;  = Z X j rA  j2 + j FA+^ j2 + 4 j  j2 + 18 j  j4 dv: 12 Proof: In fact we have that and DA2 ;  = rA rA ;  + 4 j  j2 + 14 FA^ ;  j FA+^ , 14 ei ej ;  ei ^ ej j2 = 1 j e e ;  j2j ei ^ ej j2 ; =j FA+^ j2 , 41 FA+^ ; ei ej ;  ei ^ ej  + 16 i j where ;  denotes the pointwise inner product of two forms:  ; dv = ^  . But FA+^ ; ei ^ ej  = FA+^ ij and 41 FA+^ ; ei ej ;  ei ^ ej  = 14 FA+^ ij ei ej ;  , which is the expression of the action of FA+^ on ,X; W +, via Cli ord multiplication.

In particular, the problem of the possible existence of homotopy 3-spheres is still, at this time, open. Recently, Kronheimer and Mrowka have outlined a program that combines the information of instanton and Seiberg Witten Floer homology and may lead to substantial results in this direction 27 . An invariant associated to the fundamental group of a three-manifold is the Casson invariant 1 . This was originally de ned for homology spheres, later extended to rational homology spheres 41 , and more recently to more general three-manifolds 17 .

On the other R hand, by the index theorem for the signature operator it is known that 13 X p1 X  = , hence we get p IndDA  = c1  L2 , 4 : The index of d+ + d can be read o from the chain complex + d 1 d! 2+ ! 0: 0 ! 0 ! The Euler characteristic of this complex turns out to be ,Indd + d+  = 12  + ; by another application of the index theorem. 6 The tangent space TA;M at a regular point  6= 0 can be identi ed with H 1 C  . 43 Proof: H 1 C   describes exactly those directions that are spanned in nitesimally at the point A;  by the solutions of the Seiberg Witten equations, modulo those directions that are spanned by the action of the gauge group.

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