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By John Parratt

Delivering the 1st evaluation of the most developments and contributions to Christian considered 3rd international theologies, this ebook gathers essays from specialists on Latin the USA, India, East Asia, West and East Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean. It analyzes the typical context of the 3rd global theologies of their event of colonialism and Western missions, and means that they supply various views on what it potential to be a Christian in state-of-the-art international.

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Apartado 20-656, M´exico, DF 01000, M´exico since 1962 Encuentro y Di´alogo. Journal of the Asociaci´on de Seminarios e Instituciones Teol´ogicas; Buenos Aires, Argentina Signos de Vida. A publication of the Latin American Council of Churches, CLAI. Quito, Ecuador: Inglaterra 937 y Mariana de Jes´us, Quito, Ecuador Tel and Fax 593-2 553-996 and 529-933 Cuadernos de Teolog´ıa. Buenos Aires, Instituto Superior Evang´elico de Estudios Teol´ogicos: Camacu´a 252, 1406 Buenos Aires, Argentina Xilotl.

32 jose miguez bonino actively fulfilling pastoral functions, or lay people, mainly journalists, teachers, faculty, doing interdisciplinary work. ’ – goes further than that. If the theological renewal was a response to the ‘cry of the poor’, are these merely the object, or the beneficiaries, of theology or are they, in some way, protagonists? There is, I think, a twofold answer to this question. In the first place, the professional theologian (pastor, teacher, and so on) conceives her or his task as being closely related to the life of the community: he/she tries to understand what is happening in the worship, the life, the suffering of the community and put it in the context of the Scripture and the tradition, and then to test it by bringing it back to the community.

That is, the classical themes of the Protestant polemics against justification by works, mass, tradition, veneration of images, Mariology. However, it is interesting to look at the way these issues are read. While the theological arguments are taken from the classical European controversies, they move here to show how ‘Rome’ uses ‘false doctrine’ to ‘enslave’, ‘keep in ignorance’, ‘dominate the conscience’ of the people. The theological argument becomes a political weapon. (3) This interpretation of theology leads to the third – and perhaps the more typical – dimension of the controversy: the socio-cultural.

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