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Vito Volterra

Vito Volterra (1860-1940) was once some of the most well-known representatives of Italian technology in his day. Angelo Guerragio and Giovanni Paolini study Volterra's most vital contributions to arithmetic and their purposes, in addition to his remarkable organizational achievements in medical coverage.

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Finally, use the drawing to solve the problem. The drawing shows that the total number of hot dogs eaten is 2_4 1 1_2 , or 4_4 . What part of the total was eaten by Albert? 3 1 11 Albert ate 2_4 of the total (4_4 ) hot dogs, which is ___ 17 of the hot dogs. This value is 3 1 1 about two-thirds of the hot dogs, a reasonable answer to this question. One must analyze a situation in terms of the quantities and the relationships present in order to gain an understanding that can lead to a meaningful solution.

Express your approximation in hours, in days, and in years. b. What part of your life have you spent sleeping? c. On average, how many hours do you sleep each day? What fractional part of the day is this? d. How does your answer in part (b) compare to your answer in part (c)? 5. Name an item that can be used to estimate the following metric units: a. a centimeter b. a gram c. a liter d. a meter e. a kilometer f. a kilogram 6. There are some conversions from English to metric units that are commonly used, particularly for inch, mile, and quart.

4 Use a mature strategy and a strip diagram to work each of the following: 1. Kalia spent a quarter of her weekly allowance on a movie. 25. What is her weekly allowance? 2. Calle had five times as many stickers as Sara did, and twice as many as Juniper. Juniper had 25 stickers. How many stickers did they have altogether? 3. Nghiep gave his mother half of his weekly earnings, and then spent half of what was left on a new shirt. He then had $32. What were his weekly earnings? 4. Zvia’s sweater cost twice as much as her hat, and a third as much as her coat.

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