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The gleaming chariot tore through the mist and sparks flew from beneath the sun horses' hoofs. At first they galloped along their accustomed way, and Phaethon's hair just blew around his head. Then the horses realised they were being guided by a strange, weak hand and that the chariot was lighter than usual. They got out of the young driver's control and left their well-worn tracks, rocking the chariot in their crazy stampede and tearing along wherever their fancy took them. The terrified Phaethon looked down from the height to heaven to earth.

He thought he would be able to see better from above. A thunderous voice sounded through the air: “Look! ” The whole of Dionysus's company looked up. Drunk with wine and enchanted by Dionysus, they did not recognise the king and thought it was some beast of prey sitting among the branches. They began to throw stones and bits of wood at the top of the tree, and dug up stones and clods of earth round the tree till finally they laid the roots bare and the pinetree fell to the ground together with King Pentheus.

So Prometheus sent the first people into the world. For a long time these people did not know how to use their spirit — the gift of Pallas Athene. They lived like little children, seeing but not recognising, hearing but not understanding, they walked about the earth as in a dream. They did not know how to burn bricks, how to hew beams nor build houses. They swarmed like ants over and under the ground in the dark corners of caves. They did not even know that summer follows spring, autumn summer and winter autumn.

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