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By Peter Singer

• The booklet That began A Revolution •
Since its unique book in 1975, this groundbreaking paintings has woke up hundreds of thousands of involved women and men to the surprising abuse of animals everywhere--inspiring a global move to put off a lot of the harsh and pointless laboratory animal experimentation of years prior. during this newly revised and extended variation, writer Peter Singer exposes the chilling realities of today's "factory forms" and product-testing procedures--offering sound, humane ideas to what has develop into a profound environmental and social in addition to ethical factor. an incredible and persuasive attract sense of right and wrong, equity, decency and justice, Animal Liberation is vital interpreting for the supporter and the skeptic alike.

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To give just one reason for this difference, to take the life of a being who has been hoping, planning, and working for some future goal is to deprive that being of the fulfillment of all those efforts; to take the life of a being with a mental capacity below the level needed to grasp that one is a being with a future-much less make plans for the future-cannot involve this particular kind of loss. I6 Normally this will mean that if we have to choose between the life of a human being and the life of another animal we should choose to save the life of the human; but there may be special cases in which the reverse holds true, because the human being in question does not have the capacities of a normal human being.

The chair is then tipped forward and the monkeys are given electric shocks. This causes the monkey to "turn in the chair or bite the platform . . " Touching the hand results in the shock being stopped, and the monkey (who has not been fed that day) is given a raisin. This happens to each monkey one hundred times a day for between five and eight days. Phase III (stick manipulation): This time when the PEP is tipped forward, merely touching the stick is not enough to stop the electric shock. The monkeys continue to receive electric shocks until they pull the stick back.

We know that we ourselves can feel pain. We know this from the direct experience of pain that we have when, for in­ stance, somebody presses a lighted cigarette against the back of our hand. But how do we know that anyone else feels pain? We cannot directly experience anyone else's pain, whether that "any­ one" is our best friend or a stray dog. Pain is a state of conscious­ ness, a "mental event," and as such it can never be observed. Be­ havior like writhing, screaming, or drawing one's hand away from the lighted cigarette is not pain itself; nor are the recordings a neurologist might make of activity within the brain observations of pain itself.

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