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By Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton units out a compelling account of the way we should always take into consideration the morality of our relations to different animals. He argues that it truly is mistaken to think that animals instantly have rights, yet indicates we owe them tasks reckoning on even if we're treating them as pets, for laboratory experiments or for meat. this is often crucial studying within the mild of the hot public main issue over concerns reminiscent of veal calf exportation and the BSE concern>

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I caused it to be dependent on me precisely by leading it to expect that I would cater for its needs. The situation is further complicated by the distinction between species. Dogs form life-long attachments and a dog brought up by one person may be incapable of living comfortably with another. A horse may be bought or sold many times, with little or no distress, provided it is properly cared for by each of its owners. Sheep maintained in f locks are every bit as dependent on human care as dogs and horses; but they do not notice it and regard their shepherds and guardians as little more than aspects of the environment, which rise like the sun in the morning and depart like the sun at night.

Animals 97 1/5/03 1:35 pm Page 37 Life, death, joy and suffering The distinctions between the various levels of mental life are relevant here. Insects, and other animals which lack the ability to learn, contain no growing store of knowledge and affections. Nothing changes in their motivation and no attachment to this world is evinced in their behaviour that is not also evinced by a plant or a virus. True, they shun the more obvious dangers – but only in the mechanical way required by their mental ‘software’.

On the contrary, morality fails its purpose if people cannot reach agreement and amend their views and feelings in the light of experience, with a view to accommodating others. It means, rather, that we should not expect a ‘decision procedure’ which will settle moral questions finally and unambiguously. In these areas, the task of reason is to clarify our intuitions, to recognise the nature and extent of our commitments and to search for the points of agreement which will provide a fulcrum on which our prejudices may be turned.

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