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By Ann Louise Gittleman

Exploring the 4 maximum hidden threats to wellbeing and fitness - sugar, parasites, heavy metals and radiation - this consultant presents a finished poisonous invaders questionnaire, which the reader can use to create a private programme for cleansing and therapeutic.

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It's also one of the most healthful things you can do for yourself. Because of the far-reaching health problems associated with excess sugar intake, I consider knowing how to reduce sugar in the diet an essential survival skill for slowing down the aging process. Sugar Impairs Immunity Sugar functions in the body as an immunosuppressant. In other words, it suppresses our immune system, which protects us from viruses, bacteria and other invaders. With the increasing incidence of viral, bacterial and parasite epidemics, many due to increased international travel and relaxed sexual mores, we need the protection of our immune system more than ever today.

Author-physician Isadore Rosenfeld recently mentioned two interesting cases. A flight attendant went to a clinic about her problems with diarrhea which she had been having for seven years and which had been diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. The clinic doctors found nothing wrong with her. They noticed in her medical history that she chewed 60 sticks of sugar-free gum a Page 30 day. These contained a total of 75 grams of sorbitol, which traveled undigested through her intestines and emerged with water as diarrhea.

Parasites may well be the most immunosuppressive (and therefore aging) invader of all in the body. Today, over 50 percent of all Americans will test positive for one or more "uninvited" guests. The tiny parasite cryptosporidium is now considered a serious threat and has been found in practically every water system in the country. This and other microscopic vampires have been connected to chronic fatigue, allergy, irritable bowel syndrome and a lowered resistance to disease. Page 12 3. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum and copper are generally recognized as body pollutants.

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