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By Donna Williams

"The Jumbled Jigsaw" exposes autism spectrum issues (ASDs) now not as unmarried entities yet as a mixture of an entire diversity of usually untreated, occasionally simply treatable, underlying stipulations. Exploring every thing from temper, anxiousness, obsessive-compulsive, and tic problems to info processing and sensory perceptual problems, together with dependency concerns, id difficulties and masses extra, Donna demonstrates how a couple of such stipulations can mix to shape a 'cluster situation' and underpin the label 'autism spectrum disorder'. Donna Williams encourages and empowers households to examine what they could do to alter their kid's surroundings to handle nervousness, overload and different matters. She additionally provides carers the required details to navigate the booming autism market and insist the ideal instruments for the task. the writer additionally demanding situations execs to undertake a multi-disciplinary method of determining and treating the cluster stipulations that make up an autism spectrum prognosis, and to enhance provider supply to these in want. "The Jumbled Jigsaw" is a decision to fashionable society to take accountability and settle for range. it's written in a truly human and elementary means for fogeys and for Auties and Aspies themselves, however it is additionally geared toward carers, pros, policy-makers and repair prone.

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When I see such a person eat or handle objects, it can be as though the left hand really doesn’t know what the right hand has already done or is doing. When such a person runs, sometimes one or both arms are dangling as though the person can’t be in them at the same time as being in their legs. Sometimes the arms are contracted in, but the hands hang limp giving a kind of ‘begging puppy’ posture to the arms and this may be one or both arms. Sometimes such a person will turn their head to look at something on one side as though the eye on that side isn’t registering what is seen.

Yet when it comes to bumbling along, trusting to that state of mind involving no conscious awareness, they might also just freeze in such a vast unknown. They may need to know ‘the point’. They may be unable to ‘just go there’. Of course many people with left–right hemisphere integration problems occasionally do have lights on in both parts of the brain, but maybe not at the same time. Left and right without integration Someone who has very limited integration between the left and right hemispheres can be both very talented or very disabled or both.

They may even be generally ‘meaning-deaf ’ and ‘meaning-blind’. But, more importantly, they may be excellent at physically picking up shifts in far more subtle behaviours, such as the change in footfall as you cross a floor, the change in how you grasp a cup, the slight increase in your expectation or agitation, the slight shifts in your pace or flow of speech. To write off any group of people as simply globally ‘low-functioning’ may say more about the ignorance and arrogance of those making these assumptions, but to do so may also be to be closed-minded regarding what they are so good at.

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